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    Apply for a loan 100% online with no store visit, no faxing, no extra document work. Applying is safe and doesn't damage your credit.

  • Available for any credit

    Online loans on are provided to all the borrowers in need of instant cash no matter what your credit score is.

  • Guaranteed instant approval

    Direct lenders guarantee quick loan processing and approval within minutes. They will contact you instantly to discuss the loan terms.

  • Same day loans

    The money is typically deposited directly into your bank account on the same business day once you are approved.

How Loans from work

  • You choose the loan type to suit your personal needs
  • Complete the online application form
  • It's processed and verified
  • In case of approval you get confirmation email
  • Once you discuss the rates and terms and sign the loan agreement, you get the money
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Online loans in Fairmount provide an easy, fast and convenient way to get the money you need between paychecks from the comfort of your own home. Fill out a simple online form, and you’ll get an approval decision in no time.

Are Payday Loans Legal in Fairmount, Kansas?

Short-term financing is regulated by Kansas Payday Loan Laws. They determine the maximum and minimum loan amounts, interest rates and terms as well as other aspects of borrowing such as rollovers, extensions, additional fees and charges. Check the table below for the details:

APR Annual Percentage Rate (APR) refers to the annual percentage of the amount charged to borrowers. APR is expressed as a percentage, which represents the actual annual cost of funds over the term of the loan.
Law Status legal
MIN Loan Amount None
MAX Loan Amount $500
MIN. Loan Term 7 days
MAX. Loan Term 30 days
MAX APR 391%
NSF Fee 15%
Collateral or guarantor No
Number of simultaneous loans Prohibited
Rollover Not Specified
Default penalties 3% per month of the outstanding amount

How to get a Payday Loan in Fairmount Online?

  1. Fill out the application and click “submit”
  2. You’ll get a decision within minutes.
  3. In the case of a positive decision, the lender will contact you.
  4. Within 24 hours the cash will be transferred to your account.

What are Fairmount Payday Loan benefits?

  • You don’t have to go to the office and wait for endless loan approval. Just a few minutes and your Payday loan application is submitted online.
  • Payday loans are popular with those who don’t have the best credit. While traditional banks and lenders usually have stricter restrictions on lending, Payday Loans are aimed at ordinary people who may need help in a time of need.
  • Fast Funds. Once approved, you are more likely to receive your cash within 24 hours.

Fairmount, KS Payday Loan Rates and Terms

$500 is the maximum loan amount for Fairmount residents. Loan limits will be determined on an individual basis, based on your income and other factors. The loan fees are $15 per $100 borrowed. The annual percentage rate (APR) varies depending on the term of your loan.

Fairmount Payday Loan Questions

  • Why would I want a payday loan?

The most common uses are refinancing existing debt at a lower rate and making a purchase when you don’t have available cash, but you can use a payday loan for just about any emergency expenses.

  • Are payday loans different from credit cards?

Payday loans are a great alternative to credit cards. If you think you will need the money for more than 30 days, the rates are often much lower. Otherwise, they are generally very similar – both are unsecured debt, and the amount you will be approved for depends on your creditworthiness.

  • Who gets payday loans?

Almost anyone can get a payday loan. Before you begin the payday loan application process, gather all the documents you need. This allows you to go through each step of the process efficiently and get your funds as quickly as possible. Rates and loan amounts are mostly determined by your credit history and credit score.

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