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A title loan is a short-term loan with little or no credit requirements. Unlike an unsecured payday loan, a title loan in Basehor is secured by title to your car. The lender usually holds title to your car until the loan is paid in full. Title loans are significantly more expensive than most alternatives, despite having collateral to secure the loan amount.

Are Car Title Loans Legal in Basehor, Kansas?

Check what laws and regulations concern Kansas Car Title Loans in the table below:

APR Varies by lender
Law Status Available but with restrictions
MIN Loan Amount $100
MAX Loan Amount $50000

How to get a Car Title Loan in Basehor Online?

  1. Fill out the online application to receive a preapproval decision in minutes.
  2. Submit Documentation. With online title loan options in Basehor, you can upload images of your required documentation online.
  3. In the case of a positive decision, the lender will contact you.
  4. Within 24 hours the cash will be transferred to your account.

What are Basehor Car Title Loan benefits?

  • Instant cash. A loan secured by a car is the most convenient solution for obtaining cash in case of urgent need. If you have a car, nothing else is needed from you. Get in touch with a reliable auto title lender in Basehor, receive the loan, and fulfill your need.
  • Least processing time. Car title loans do not require long procedural requirements. You’ll get your loan in less than an hour, all you need is your car ownership documents.
  • No vehicle requisition required. If you choose a car title loan, the lender does not repossess or withhold your car. You are free to drive and use your car in full authority.
  • Convenient payback scheme. As a rule, most auto lenders offer a convenient scheme of repayment in several stages, so that the borrower could repay the loan on time and without any hassle and inconvenience.

Basehor, Car Title Loan Rates and Terms

Title loans are illegal in Kansas. Under Kansas state law, lenders are allowed to charge an interest rate for a title loan. The maximum term of a title loan in Kansas is also set by state law. If the loan is not paid in full by the due date, the borrower runs the risk of having his or her vehicle repossessed.

Basehor Car Title Loan Questions Answered

  • Can I get a Car Title Loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can apply for a title online with bad credit in Basehor. Since your car title is used as collateral for a car title loan, many lenders allow customers to meet their immediate needs even with a bad credit. Thus, thanks to this security, the risk of default for the lender is reduced. A car title loan is a secured loan in which the lender doesn’t conduct a credit check.

  • Are there any limitations on how the loan amount can be used?

You can use the loan amount for absolutely any purpose. Lenders in Basehor place no restrictions on the use of your title loan.

  • When will I get my title back?

You must pay the lender the full amount of the loan. If you do not make the payment on time, you have to face repossession risk.

  • Does The Title have to be in my name?

The car title must be on your name if you want to apply for a car title loan in Basehor. You can’t apply for a loan if your car title has another name. In case the title has your name alongside another name, you need to contact the customer care department for details to get an idea of whether you qualify for this loan.

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